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    The SBOBET Trouble's heel is their self-imposed "no fatalities". Thus, the actual number of...
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    Georgina Mavis DeVito is a 28-year-old professional sports person who enjoys social media, eating out and stealing candy from babies. She is generous and energetic, but can also be very evil and a bit unfriendly.


    She is British. She started studying sports science at college but never finished the course. She has a severe phobia of flying.


    Physically, Georgina is in good shape. She is very tall with pale skin, brown hair and black eyes. She has a monobrow.


    She grew up in a working class neighbourhood. After her father died when she was young, she was raised by her mother.


    She is currently married to Abraham Jones Grady. Abraham is 7 years older than her and works as a management consultant.


    Georgina has one child with husband Abraham: Sammy aged 2.


    Georgina's best friend is a professional sports person called Draven Hyde. They have a very firey friendship. She also hangs around with Titus Doyle and Ronny Young. They enjoy relaxing together.

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